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DIORAMICA 2018                                              17.+18. Nov. 2018     Hannoversch-Münden GERMANY

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NEW MSP (Modeling Sound Packages)

5 MSP-Packages for different historical epochs (available pre-purchasing by e-mail, delivery starting December 2018). You`ll find more details in MSP 


Using of musicSound-effect-compositions

musicsound Military Sound Package



Trailer musicSound-Tabletop sfx-Symphonies



GALAXIES product and example AVAILABLE:



GALAXIES available as music-symphony


ASIA antique first example available:



The idea for Tabletop "musicSound"© originated with the thought that the playing of a Tabletop or a board game becomes even more thrilling with soundtracks and sound effects - We call  it "musicSound"©.

The music and the sound effects are adapted to the respective epoch and are suitable to various games.


We offer "musicSound"©  for the following epochs: Ancient times, Viking, Middle Ages, Fantasy, the Napoleonic age, world war I / II, science fiction and Steampunk.
The musicSound-fx -Symphonies are in mp3 format and can be played back with the help of an mp-3 player combined with USB-, Bluetooth- or line-in speaker-systems.


As a small and nice side effect you are able to integrate the loudspeakers with model construction accessories and colours into the Tabletop scenery.


Videos and report about musicSound

Bildschirmfoto_2017-04-30_um_18.08.04         musicSound Holger Seidemann


Examples of musicSound-fx compositions in the video starting at 21:45min. The examples are partly without sound effects. These are pure examples. All finished compositions will be combined with corresponding sound effects  to each epoch.