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 >>> What are musicSound fx-Soundtracks? <<<
              for Tabletop, Boardgame, Roleplay, Diorama
                A description you'll find here

new WWII-Soundtrack for the historic epoch 1939-1945.


Damaged Boarders new orchestral Symphony for the historical Epoch


also available  as a musicSound-fx-Soundtrack, with over 100 historical Sound-Effects

WindOverSeas fx-musicSound-effect Soundtrack
...... 17 minutesn new historical Sound-Effects and Soundtrack for the epochs 18th and 19th century Naval-Battles as a newDownload-product available. 
complete Example of the Soundtrack available as an audio-test; please take note in the product description or click the following symbol 
for direkt listening



TRIBES fx-musicSound-effect Soundtrack
...... 19 minutesn new historical Sound-Effects and Soundtrack for the epochs Antique, Vikings, Midage (Medieval) as a Download available. 
suitable for  Tabletop, Brettspiele Rollenspiele, Museums, DIORAMA



TRIBES music-Symphony (Symphonic Music w/o Sound-Effects)
available ...... 19 minutes new score (film music -soundtrack-) as a download 
music for the epochs ancient, vikings and/or midage (medieval)
for example... to use for Diorama or movies..etc

to hear at 
SOUNDCLOUD HolgerSeidemann..

Tribes-Symphony HolgerSeidemann

​Steel and Powder music symphony
available..... 30 minutes new film music / score available as download
for the epoch 18th/19th Century.
Usable for Diorama or film etc....

Steel and Powder

Steel and Powder fx-musicSound effects

available mid of March 2021........ 30 minutes new fx-musicSound effects and cinematic music for the epoch Tabletop 19th Century.


now available....... 12 minutes new fx-musicSound effects and cinemtaic music for the Tabletop epoch of Dystopian Wars up to the 40K century.


Wind over Seas
available at end of January 2021........ 17 minutes of new fx-musicSound effects and cinematic music for the tabletop epoch of sea-fighting in the 18th and 19th century.


Westworld_SpitfireAudio HolgerSeidemann  Holger Seidemann musicSound®

HolgerSeidemann  musicSound®  participant Score music-contest WESTWORLD Season 3 Episode 5 #westworldscoringcompetition2020 

HolgerSeidemann musicSound® participant at ELYSION-Score music contest 2020

ELYSION_HolgerSeidemann musicSound®

HolgerSeidemann musicSound® participant at Score music contest FMC 2020

Score- and Event music for Tabletop WorldChampionship 2019 in Austria Dornbirn

customized Score music and Epic-Score compositions      examples.. please look at 
listen examples: click on picture, forwarded to SoundCloud
Overture_music_Holger_Seidemann_  Majestetic_music  Throw_WEBsite


At October 2019 first fx-musicSound-composition for Fantasy-Rugby/-Football available.


COMING SOON........ 20 minutes new fx-musicSound effects and cinematic music for epoch Tabletop WWII.



Cooperation HISTORICUM and musicSound

Historicum musicSound

Score and historical sound effects (sfx)

musicSound @

NAF WORLD CUP 2019 at Dornbirn Austria

03. October until 06. October 2019



fx-musicSound @ Soundcloud 

listen all compositions at Soundcloud (click on the Soundcloud-symbol)


 fx-musicSound for museums and events

musicSound is Partner for historical museums und organizer of events

DIORAMA & Score design

fx-composition for medieval market

Composition 18th century in scotish-british-style


NEW MSP (Modeling Sound Packages)

5 MSP-Packages for different historical epochs (available pre-purchasing by e-mail, delivery starting December 2018). You`ll find more details in MSP 


Using of musicSound-effect-compositions

musicsound Military Sound Package



Trailer musicSound-Tabletop sfx-Symphonies



GALAXIES product and example AVAILABLE:



GALAXIES available as music-symphony


ASIA antique first example available:



The idea for Tabletop "musicSound"© originated with the thought that the playing of a Tabletop or a board game becomes even more thrilling with soundtracks and sound effects - We call  it "musicSound"©.

The music and the sound effects are adapted to the respective epoch and are suitable to various games.


We offer "musicSound"©  for the following epochs: Ancient times, Viking, Middle Ages, Fantasy, the Napoleonic age, world war I / II, science fiction and Steampunk.
The musicSound-fx -Symphonies are in mp3 format and can be played back with the help of an mp-3 player combined with USB-, Bluetooth- or line-in speaker-systems.


As a small and nice side effect you are able to integrate the loudspeakers with model construction accessories and colours into the Tabletop scenery.


Videos and report about musicSound

Bildschirmfoto_2017-04-30_um_18.08.04         musicSound Holger Seidemann


Examples of musicSound-fx compositions in the video starting at 21:45min. The examples are partly without sound effects. These are pure examples. All finished compositions will be combined with corresponding sound effects  to each epoch.