Score / Music for film

Score / Music for film

Free SOUNDTRACK Score compositions for private use. Copying and passing on to third parties is prohibited

HolgerSeidemann creates diverse musical compositions for different musical styles and historical epochs.
Individual music for films, games, product presentations, museums, dioramas, trade fairs and events.
Creative commissioned work is conceptually coordinated with you as a customer in order to be able to use a composition ideally for the direct or indirect background painting of your project.

Score and Soundtracks supports pictures and film material in their effect and appearance. Product presentations become more effective, in each case through coordinated music composition for the respective event.


*Score music compositions for some Film-Trailer

Westworld_SpitfireAudio HolgerSeidemann  Holger Seidemann

ELYSION_HolgerSeidemann musicSound®


*Score music contest WESTWOLRD Season 3 Episode 5 

*Score music contest ELYSION 2020

*Score music contest FMC 2020
*customized Score music
*Score- and Event compositions for Tabletop World-Championship 2019 in Austria Dornbirn
* historical compositions for museums 
Examples for score music
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With a purchase of a product only the right of private use is transferred. All products remain the property of Holger Seidemann, 38108 Braunschweig, Germany and International.



Antique and medieval film compositions