ancient times

ancient times

coming soon...... expected to be available at spring 2021

please see category midage/medieval..their some first products available

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Product no.: TTMA002
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: approx. 29MB
  • length 19 minutes
  • sample file direct to hear with "download" below description
  • free of costs example availabe in category "EXAMPLE/DEMO"

Sound effects and soundtracks with an atmospheric mood for the epochs of antiquity, Vikings or the Middle Ages.

The effect soundtrack film music composition contains music sound character in the style of several 100 historical sound effects combined with orchestral film music.
Ideal for tabletop, board games, role-playing games, exhibitions, dioramas, museums and PC Games.

The sounds and music are put together as a "story" for an exciting gameplay and can be combined with other musicSound® -fx compositions from the same historical epoch.

This combination of sound effects unites materials and techniques from different historical sounds.
Horsemen, foot troops, bows and swords, trebuchets, commands, ancient and medieval moods complete this exciting event.

Content of the 20-minute sound effects composition
Beginning with an ancient-medieval chant which offers an ideal historical opening of the game. In the further course a clash of enemy troops builds up ... .. for a 2-minute section you can also hear the sound effects of trebuchets.
The end of the sound effect composition includes again an antique medieval song and at the end a peaceful medieval village scene.
This product is also suitable for use as a final sound effect composition when using several sound effect compositions from a historical epoch

We wish you a lot of fun with our products

All spoken sound effect texts do not correspond to realistic languages. The language effects only serve to represent the overall event and have no political significance.

Note regarding "DOWNLOAD" for listening the Example or category
EXAMPLE free of cost example



contrary to the purchase product, this is a quality reduced free DEMO
approx. 7 minutes

this is an EXAMPLE-version (cannot be used in the game)

it serves only to listen and to get a first impression of the original Version

there are 5 SECTIONS approx. 1 ¼ minutes each without precise transitions
Tribes-fx_musicSound isn't allowed by law to copy or record musicSound-products

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