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Product no.: TTWW001.
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: approx. 39MB
  • sample file direct to hear with "download" below description
Atmospheric mood of the time between 1939-1945, as well as for the period 1914-1918 usable. The composition includes musicSound character in the style of cinematic music combined with sound effects.

At the beginning, the composition supports the attack of a military unit supported by amored vehicles. In the further course, music and sound intensify to the height of your game. Also suitable for games for the liberation of a town or village. Creeping and running fighters excitingly staged. 

The compositions contain different musical and sound characteristics. Partial short breaks are inserted to allow atmospheric moods to work.

This composition complements the composition "Lion meets Eagle in Europe" and represents the historical development in Europe in the 19th century

We wish you much fun with the composition

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Product no.: TTDY001
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: approx. 33MB
  • sample file direct to hear with "download" below description
  • free of costs example availabe in category "EXAMPLE/DEMO"
Atmospheric mood in a dystopian era. Ideal for games in epochs from 1947 as well as for the 40th millennium.

The composition includes musicSound character in the style of film music combined with over 100 sound effects. Can be used for Tabletop, Boardgame, Roleplay and PC games in end times.

The sounds and the music are put together as a “story” for an exciting gameplay and can be combined with other musicSound® -fx compositions from the same era

This sound combination from a time  of 1940 is complemented with sounds of materials and techniques from fantasy stories of the future.

Mechanical Walkers, helicopters, new aircraft and machines complete this exciting event.


We wish you a lot of fun with our products



Note regarding "DOWNLOAD" or category EXAMPLE


EXAMPLE of Metal-Armies

contrary to the purchase product, this is a quality reduced free DEMO
approx. 6 minutes

this is an EXAMPLE-version (cannot be used in the game)

it serves only to listen and to get a first impression of the original Version

there are 5 SECTIONS approx. 1 ¼ minutes each without precise transitions


12.90 *
Product data sheet
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