18th century

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Product no.: SY1743
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: ca. 13MB
  • length of composition ca. 8min.
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pure music compositon of a musicSound-symphony
without sound-effects, pure music

cinematic composition for the 18th century. useful for presentations of scotish-british moments.

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We wish you much fun with the composition

..it isn't allowed by law to copy or record musicSound-products
..only allowed for private using

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Product no.: SYMAJ
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: ca. 14MB
  • length of composition ca. 6min.
music compositon of a orchestral HolgerSEidemann-symphony

cinematic composition for the 18th or 19th century. Also suitable for other epochs.
useful for presentations and for score.

..it isn't allowed by law to copy or record musicSound-products

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Product no.: SY19002
  • file format: mp3
  • ​file size: approx. 65MB
  • example to hear on SOUNDCLOUD 
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  • also available for pre-audition at here SOUNDCLOUD

Music for film -SCORE- as a basic for Film music as the basis for the 18th / 19th century
Calm start with a light wind fanfare, transitioning to an epic intro with vocals, continuous in atmospheric, tired passages which change into a rising, brightening mood in the course of the composition. The end offers a heroic conclusion

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